Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Celebrating 200 Followers {Day Three}

Learning about the countries who visit this blog is giving me the traveling bug!  I've got some serious plans one day to hit the road and see some of these amazing places.  In our number three position is CANADA with about 2500 pageviews.  Who can think of Canada without thinking about their majestic mountains and trees?

Brillant Red

1.     Click on Layout.

2.     In the Add and Arrange Page Elements screen. Click Add a Gadget.

3.     A pop-up screen will give you the gadget choices. Click on the plus (+) to add an
        HTML/JavaScript gadget.

4.     In the Configure HTML/JavaScript Screen, there is an empty box. Paste the following
        code in that space. Be sure to copy all the code from this page. Then click save.

5.     Ta-Da! You have a new background!


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